About Me and Other Notes

I survived Walla Walla, Washington and all I got was this silly blog.


  • I’ll be uploading some audio logs and photos to make note of my gender transition (FtM) and progress (I’m too socially awkward for video. you’re welcome!). If you have trouble accessing them from a mobile device, then try it the old-fashioned way, i.e., from your laptop or Big Bertha Desktop.
  • Thanks for stopping by. If you’re a family member or friend of mine then I want you to know that you being with me on this journey (and in turn on this blog) really means a lot to me. THANK YOU!
  • Topics close to my heart and likely on this blog: gender, sexuality, LGBTQA+, discrimination, anti bullying, resiliency, addiction, mental health, suicide, teachers, origin stories, ACEs and the ACE scale, activism and loss. 

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