It’s a boy! 

I just a had T baby! 9 months on HRT has gone by fast. 

Most noticeable changes are: 

  • voice
  • acne
  • body odor
  • no menses (thank the Heavens!)
  • hair line
  • jaw line

Favorite part: 

  • deeper voice
  • building muscle 🙂
  • no more periods!!!
  • educating people
  • sharing with friends/family
  • meeting more trans* people now 
  • my doctor rocks! 

Least favorite part: 

  • still perceived to be a woman or a boyish lesbian  😦 
  • dysphoria is still strong with this one (I still loathe my body. I feel sick at the idea of anyone seeing it.) 
  • anxiety/depression (When will people really see ME?) 
  • bouts of what my spouse calls “Trans* Self-absorbion Syndrome” [TSAS] (Do I have facial hair? Does my voice sound manly? Do I smell? Can you see my acne? Me, me, me!) 

9-months-worth of photos:

(Feline assistant not on T) 





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