7 thoughts on “Audio Log: 3 months on T

  1. Hey, just started following your blog, and your voice is definitely changing! I’m a bit behind you (3 days vs 3 months), but glad to know someone new who has just started T recently (most of my local trans* friends are really far along and it’s both inspiring and discouraging)! Looking forward to hear more of your reflections. 🙂

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  2. Audioblog, love it! Usually when I’m rolling through alien haunted spaceships I totally ignore the audio logs, but I’ve very much enjoyed listening to yours! Keep making these, they are short little golden nuggets and real easy to listen to. Your voice has changed a lot even since your last log! I spend most of my time with a spectogram running for my own voice stuff so I feel quite sensitive to the minor changes to be able to say it. Rock on! \m/


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